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A Letter To Someone Who Has Lost Faith In Love

Have you ever noticed the dust wash away from trees when it rains? The leaves seem greener than ever before. They breathe again as drops fall on them, washing off layers of dust which were a constant reminder of agony till then. When spring comes, the flowers bloom and they forget about the pain they were in when their petals were falling one by one and the crows would make fun of them.

Love is just like that. It brings out the best in you. It helps to scrape off the weak layers of your soul.

Do you remember how excited you used to get on hearing the word, love? Do you still think of the precious moments your relationship had filled your brain and heart with? Can you simply ignore those happy times you wouldn’t have had otherwise?

Take out your diary. Make a list of happy days and gloomy days. Pen down your giggles and screams. Fill your sorrows with colours. Number them. Count them. Tear the pages. Set it on fire. But can you muster up the courage to let your happy memories turn into ashes just like that. If you can't let go of them, how can you expect to get over the pain with such ease?

Love hurts dear. But it had, maybe briefly, made you happy too. Love gives but it takes as well. Love lets you breathe fresh air but it suffocates too. Love teaches affection but it teaches sufferings too. Love is a sweet poison. It doesn't kill you but it makes sure that you know it now flows through your veins and every once in a while it erupts like a volcano engulfing you in pain before subsiding. Love helps you grow but it feeds on you at the same time.

Love is not mathematics. You cannot calculate the result. It's not in your hands. Don't blame yourself.

Move on. Believe in the power of love. Stay sweet as the sweet poison that now runs through your veins. Don't lose hope. You are sacred now as your heart is a temple of love.

~Ambar Siddiq


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