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A Web Of Confusion - 1

“What are you thinking about?” Diya asked Abhay who seemed to be deep in thought.

“Huh? It's nothing.” She knew he was lying but didn't understand why.

‘Maybe it's something he doesn't want to share', she thought and kept quiet.

“Now what's gotten into you? Why are you so quiet?” Abhay asked her. He knew she was upset that he didn't tell her the truth but he couldn't tell her just yet.

“Nothing. Nothing at all.” she replied and without her intention, her tone turned out angry and upset.

“Ok, if you say so. I have some important work to do. I'll catch you later.” he replied and casually walked away, leaving Diya in her own thoughts.

After a few seconds of looking into the distance where he just disappeared, Diya got up sighing and left to go home.

“What happened now?” Diya's mother asked her when she saw her daughter sulking in her room.

“It's nothing ma!” she lied.

“Of course, I know it's nothing. That's why you're sitting here looking at your laptop's black screen right?” her mother asked her and only then did Diya notice that she hadn't even switched on her laptop.

“Uh, I'm sorry. I was just thinking.” she replied.

“You know, Diya, one should never bottle their feelings. Or the pressure will increase and it'll all burst out leading to a mess. If you don't want to tell me, I can understand. It may be something you feel you can't share with me but just talk to someone about it, okay?” she patted Diya's head and walked out of her room.

Diya then pondered over what her mother had told her. She knew what she said was right. Bottling feelings was never good and she had experienced it first hand. Thinking about feeling made her re-think of how Abhay had acted earlier. Did he not feel comfortable enough to share his feelings with her? What if he wasn't ready for the marriage? Was he having second thoughts?

As these questions haunted her mind, a stone wrapped in a paper landed near her feet. She picked it up and found amessage scribbled out.

‘Come near the balcony. - Abhay'

To be continued......

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