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A Web Of Confusion - 2

‘Come near the balcony. - Abhay ’

She saw that her balcony door was open and guessed that Abhay must have threw the stone.She walked over to the balcony and found Abhay barely hanging on the grills of the balcony.

“What on earth are you doing there?” she asked him in panic.

“I'm here to see you! Surprise?” he said, more like asked.

Diya facepalmed. “Are you serious, Abhay? You know you're always welcome from the front door right?”

“Yeah but that wouldn't be romantic, now, would it?” he asked her trying to give a smile which turned into a grimace.

“Yeah it wouldn't be. But I'm pretty sure it'd be a safer option, you know, since you wouldn't break your bones.” she countered back, sarcastically.

He laughed, well tried to. And as he was about to say something more, he slipped and just as he thought he was going to fall, she managed to catch his hand. And successfully pulled him up.

Once he was back on his feet, he looked up and smiled at her.

"What's wrong with you, huh? What were you even thinking doing something like that." she asked him slapping his arm.

"Woah! Calm down woman! I was only thinking about you." he replied.

"Yeah, sure!" she said, dragging the word 'sure'.

"I'm not lying! Hear me out." he pleaded to which she nodded. "So we're getting engaged soon. Very soon, infact. Next week to be precise."

"Abhay! I know that. Just get to the point!" she snapped at him.

Diya's heartbeats were increasing every moment. She was scared that her fear was coming true. Her fear that maybe Abhay didn't want to marry her.

"So?" Abhay asked looking into her eyes.

"So what?" she asked him back.

"You didn't hear anything I said?" he asked while she looked at him cluelessly. "I'll repeat myself."

Saying that, he bent on one knee and took one of her hands into his own. He took a deep breath and then looked up into her eyes, "Diya, will you marry me?"

"What?" she replied shocked. She wasn't anywhere near expexpecting this. And was yet to come out of her state of shock.

"Abhay, get up." she said after a pause. "We are getting married. Our wedding is already fixed and our engagement is the coming week."

He rises back on his feet, with her hand still in his, he replied, "I know we're getting married Diya. And I also know that our engagement is the coming week. But that was decided by our parents. And I wanted to ask you myself."

He paused for a bit and then continued, "So... Diya, will you marry me?"

"Yes, Abhay, I will!" she replied happily with a smile on her face.

The end

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