C.l. Williams
C.l. Williams

My name is Luke Wood. I release books under the name C.L. Williams. I recently released my book The Paradox Complex. It is a poetry book about how we as humans have contradictory qualities but we are still good at our core

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This poem "Together in Death" is a poem from my upcoming poetry book OMNI-

I see everything from my window. I see the streets down below, I see the clouds in the sky. I get to see everything and everyone as I gaze into the wo...

This poem is about someone who knows their time on this planet is coming to an end and wanting to give their final words before leaving

This poem is about having a cause in your life and willing to fight for it; right or wrong

This poem "Flawed Masterpiece" is about loving and accepting someone for who they are even when that person may not love and accept themselves