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Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

This is Dire from India

2 years ago i asked for a Big Wheel with a air-conditioning package, power-steering, CD player and also a Xbox One.

and you brought me ghn**

last year i asked for a AK47 with bayonet red dot sight and Extended Dual mags with a Grenade launcher underbarrel, and a Russian girl that's not racist......and some rice.

and you brought me ghn**

I aksed for a new bike and a G.I. Joe with Kung Fu grip and grenade launcher!

and you brought me the same thing i got last year.... ghn**

Dear Santa,

This is me again from same place. I want a stick. To burn for heat!

I want Admin of this site to be struck dead, please!! See what you could do! Even if it means I don't get that stick!

this time I will have no choice but to hunt you down like ignorant reindeer and break your fat legs.

Dont make me come to your house,

Merry Chirstmas

Love, Dire

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  • it has been more then a year but this is still too funny to read......

  • I meant, uh are a good writer too..!

  • toooo ??????

  • Thanks Faiz,

    I have read your posts, seems like you are a good writer too :)

  • nice one bhi...

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