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Handling Relationships

They had fought again. And it was a very bad one, way worse than their normal bickerings. Both had lots of stress in their respective workplaces and as humans we always tend to remove our stress on our close ones, just like they'd done.

The past month was painful for her to even remember. It started with him getting a promotion and her business soaring and increasing very fast. They were both very happy for each other as well. However, with higher positions come more work and with more work comes more stress. And that stress had found a way to break out and affect their relationship.

She didn't know whether at this rate her marriage would even be able to last. But she did know that even today she loved him as much as, if not more than she did while marrying him. She didn't want to lose him. But she was passionate about her business and didn't want to leave it and regret later either.

All of her family and friends who knew about their conditions adviced her to leave her business at that. They said it was important to sacrifice in a relationship and as a wife you need to take that step. But she refused to listen to them.

Her father always used to tell her that one should follow their passion with strong will and she had followed that advice till date. But now, she was starting to doubt herself, she was unsure whether her decision to continue her passion and work was right.

With all these thoughts, she lay on her bed and closed her eyes, deep in thought. Moments later, she felt the light being switched off, the blanket being pulled over her and a light kiss on her forehead followed by a soft sorry. She then smiled because that gesture of her husband had made her believe that they would get through this and be more in love than ever at the end.

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