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If Water Could Speak

Three fourths of this earth is filled with me. I'm one of the reasons life exists. Without me, There would be no life in this planet. Throughout the years, animals and plants alike used me for their survival, for their growth. Humans too did the same. They drank me to quench their thirst and even used me for various other necessities of their life. I too was happy with this life of mine : helping strangers quench thirst and didn't wish for anything in return too.

However I hadn't ever dreamt of being degraded, being depleted and polluted in such a wretched manner. Humans, whom I once adoredstarted to dispose their sewage into me, they began dumping the toxic chemicals and fertilizers from factories and farms into me. And what's worse is that the water cycle which was a way of replenishing myself, due to the toxics present in air, lead to acid rain which not only polluted me but my good friend, earth too.

All this started only because humans didn't care about my well being, because they were too busy upgrading their lives that they forgot right from wrong, Good from bad. They fail to realize that all this that has been caused by them, which has lead to my depletion and pollution will one day harm them. They will be the ones who will suffer for their own actions. In fact, it has started already. They are receiving the fruits of their own actions in the form of diseases and only continue to blame me for my bad quality, not realizing that they have a major part in this.

They will face the consequences for their actions soon, very soon. This is only the calm before a storm.

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