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Keep Going

Keep going :

Every person on this planet at least onceundergoes a rocky phase in their lives. During this one might be around other people yet feel alone. They feel lonely and maybe even depressed. They feel the weight of expectations on their shoulders, expectations from parents, teachers, friends and majorly this society. They feel judgmental eyes on them and pressure to do well, everywhere they go. It feels like problems are flooding their life. And slowly, bit by bit they get a feeling of being carried away by the floods, of giving up on their problems, on their lives.

Yet they stand strong. Small pieces of them might get carried away by the flood but they stand still and stand strong, fighting all their problems. And the intensity of the flood slowly reduces and soon comes to an end, with all the major problems dying. In the beginning it might have seemed that these problems would never end but they do, just like everything else in the world. And when all is over, the person comes out even more stronger and better than before.Because after it's all done, one will finally come over to the side where sun shines brighter than ever, inspiring you to live your life like a free bird, free from judgments and pressure.

So, we all should keep fighting our problems until they give up, which will happen eventually if we keep fighting them consistently.

Keep going because strength grows in the moments when you think you can't move further yet keep going.

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  • Yeah, once a person passes through this defining moment, it definitely would make him tougher and stronger.

    Thanks a lot for the appreciation.

  • The moment you mentioned is called the defining moment. Once passed through it, it define who and what kind of person you really are.

    nice article BTW..

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