Do little things with great love !!

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"The person who tries to keep everyone happy often ends up being lost "

"When you are in middle of any situation such that you can't move back also you can't step forward "

" Dil waha hi lga jaha bhar na aaye"

"Sometimes its better to react with no reaction"

To the one who gave me birth,To the one who carried me for nine months,To the one who loved me unconditionally, To the one who is my heartbeat,But abo...

"Take me back to the night where our souls tied the knot "

O jaate nahi kahin rishte puraane Kisi naye ke aa jaane se Jaata hoon main toh mujhe tu jaane de Kyun pareshan hai mere jaane se…Toota hai toh juda ha...

If you realized how powerful your thoughts are,you would never think a negative thought !

" Usne baat ki kch aese dhang se,.....sapne de gya wo hazaro rang ke"

" Everytime my phone ringed ,got a beat skipped out,~But it was not his again."#throwback #onefrommynotes

"Sometimes it feels like my playlist is the only one who understands me"

He : Are you ok ?She : Yes absolutely. Again after sometime.He: Are you ok?She: Yes, I'm good.Again..He : Are you ok?She: Yes. Asking again & agai...

If it's love, express it.Because if it's too late,you'll forever regret it!

When the thoughts hits you at 2 am like a bullet, You realise that everything is a BULLSHIT !

He teases her from eraser to chocolates,But still she loves her,Brother don’t like asShe is daddy’s favourite,Her brother loves to fight with her,But...

" You feel very bad when people are strong and relationships are weak. Instead Try to keep your relationships strong."

“ Jakhm jitna purana ho,Utna hi gehra hota h ”

Waqt ki ek khasiyat hoti h,wo badalta zrur hai!#Keep faith.

Kya baat hai bade chup chap se baithe ho,koi baat dil pe lagi hai ya dil lga baithe ho...

Galti ye nahi ki mene tujhse pyar kiya, but han shayd galat samay pe kia;Galti ye bhi nahi ki galat samay pe kiya,Qki jo samay dekh ke ho wo mohabbat...