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Who knew life would turn upso bad?Who knew what life actually holds?

A day that never went worse. Sleeping on the bed with cheerful dreams and bright thoughts for the future. A sleep that never ended, a night that never went worse. Seconds turned to minutes,minutes to hours.Every minute felt like decade. The day when tears ran unfelt,screams went unheard. A day when helplessness crossed the limits of my soul.His Touches never disgusted me, .Those few moments taught me the line of good touch and bad touch.A night that changed the innocence forever. A night that brought a monster infront of me.Who said monster didn't exist?I saw him,I saw the real monster lying beside me.His touches, his grabs made my world blur with the lights going dark. My screams didn't work,my voice went numb. My humanity made a remark.A. mark that will remain throughout. All iknew,he was a man and I was still a little boy who could only shout and where life wouldnt even sprout.

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