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My Mother

I always had a love-hate relationship with my mother. When I was younger, I wanted to become just like her. She was everything to me. Every time I came home crying - She would be there for me. Every time I fell down and would cry in pain - She would be there for me. But as I became a teenager, I became very detached from her.

As a child I would tell her every little thing happening in my life but in my teens, I became frustrated with her. Every little thing around me would annoy me and I also talked rudely with her as I thought she wouldn't understand. She would stay awake late at night waiting for me to come home when I went partying with friends. She would scold me for not coming home on time but I also knew she was afraid for me. Deep down I knew she was right but still I would do the exact opposite of what was told and made mistakes. I learned from it and gradually realized that my mother was always there to show me the right path. As I went off to college and started living on my own I realized my mother's importance. Staying away from her was not easy. I would miss her delicious food, her pampering me, even I missed the scolding's.

She was always there for me when I needed her. She has seen me at my worst and have motivated me to never give up. She has made many sacrifices for me throughout her life so that I can get everything I ever wanted. She would always be the ray of sunshine in my life, guiding me. One day I will make her proud and be the person that she has always wanted for me to become.

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