Penit Christmas Poetry Contest 2019
Penit Christmas Poetry Contest 2019

we are happy to announce that our annual Christmas poetry contest is now open. Although the spirt is the same the body of the contest has been slightly altered.

Before getting in the details let us inform you that it will be open till the 23rd of December, 2019.

Now, let's dive in the Rules and Regulations for the contest

  1. The post should be an original piece of work
  2. The post must be categorized as a poem
  3. Minimum word: 100 words
  4. Its should have a Christmas theme, can be for santa, a Christmas coral or anything related to Christmas
  5. Use "#penitxmas2k19" in the end (very important, this will be marked for the contest entry), other hashtags are also welcome if you want to use any.
  6. More than one entry is allowed. While judging the individual score of entries will be added for the final count.

Judgement Criteria

This time we are going for a score based result system with depth and originality. The score for individual entry will be calculated as follows.

  1. 300 clap: 1 point
  2. 1 heart: 1 point
  3. 1st comment from a user ( other than post author ): 3 points
  4. From 2nd comment onwards, from a user ( other than post author ): 1 point
  5. 1 view: 1 point

In a glance, more views, more hearts, more comments more the score.


  1. The 2nd and 3rd place holders will get a sum of 1000 INR each.
  2. The Winner of the Contest will get a sum of 3000 INR.
  3. Selected poems will be promoted on our social media pages along with the author's name.


Here at penit, we try to create and organise new events and contests every now and then. Your participation is our motivation. winning or losing not important being a part of is.

Hoping to see your entry soon...

PS: for any query feel free to ping us on Instagram: click here for Instagram Id.