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Plea For Peace

# PleaForPeace

Houses are burnt with dreams being shattered. Flying bombs in the sky once seemed like a broken star, people standing with heads high and eyes closed wishing for another prosperous Eid and a year, who knew this was the last time they stood wishing. A new day didn't seem new anymore, they wished for their mom dad to return back again. Families to unite to those bomb destructed house, only souls come here now. Food seemed like a wish again to those Syrian refugees.No place for humanity, No place for peace. Eid was no more a celebration, but a prayer to stay united to the families. No more school bags to carry, all they find is shells, Bomb shells. They faintly remember once taught in school, bombs were used for destruction, they didn't realize it was going to be practical on them.The hospitals and schools built in Allepo have turned into ruins. A $6000 income has plunged to $0.Bloods instead to be found in blood banks are found everywhere on street. Food is no more delicious, water is no tastier. It just leaves from trees and tears from their eyes. Oh, Lord! Oh, Lord!. No more place for Humanity, no more place for peace.

In the long line of Ration Asfaq stands patiently waiting for his turn only to be told,”Go Back there is no Ration left for him today, come back tomorrow” These people are considerate, aren't they? They don't say there is no ration for you, Go starve to Death. He didn't ask a plea for freedom, he didn't the plea for peace, only he did ask for his land back, he asked for his home back.Give me back my school, give me back my home.

There is no man’s land on the other side and there is no man either this side. Humanity has stayed to no man.I'm helpless, we are helpless.

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