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1 year ago 435 0 Poem

I dont know why i am writing this, but it hurts deep inside you when someone really close to your heat start getting away from you just because you are getting married.Ye dharna hai ya hakek [...]


1 year ago 206 0 Poem

If it where so perfect I could hold you in my arms , if it where so perfect I could touch your face with no harm, if it where so perfect I wouldn't have to dream of you at night,< [...]


1 year ago 181 0 Poem

Promise me to always lift me up Whenever I feel down Promise to wipe my tears Whenever I feel I need to cry Promise me to keep me smiling To show off that [...]


1 year ago 172 0 Poem

The time when I first met you I felt like I had known you forever, told you my secrets, my pain and what I didn't want ever. you always listened to me [...]


1 year ago 162 0 Poem

How foolish I am to still believe in you.. How foolish I am to not believe in reality.. How foolish I am trying to adjust with the situation.. How foolish I am [...]