Promise me to always lift me up
Whenever I feel down
Promise to wipe my tears
Whenever I feel I need to cry

Promise me to keep me smiling
To show off that beautiful smile you gave me
Promise to be my strength
Whenever I fall weak

Promise me to be my voice,
Whenever I can't find the words
Promise to be my eyes
When I cannot see

Promise me to always tell me what's real
When I want to hear the truth
Promise to be my dream catcher
To chase away my every fear

Promise me to give me faith
When I m feeling insecure
promise to keep me sturdy
When I feel unsafe

Promise me to listen
When I need to talk
Promise me to never hurt me and never break my heart

Don't promise me the world
Don't promise me the sky
Don't promise me that we will never fight
Don't promise me that I will never cry

Just promise me that You will always be true to me
And baby just promise that You will always love me more than anything, no matter what happens or what we go through, Just promise me to love me until the end of time!