A hearty thanks to my parents

My father used to and still continues to tell me about being passionate. He told me that if you truly are passionate about something then you tend to think about it each moment, work in that field every moment, research about it more. And I used to not understand a thing. I used to think to myself that why would anyone want to study more when they can play or watch tv and enjoy themselves. There was even a time when I thought that I couldn't have any passion, that I wasn't good enough to have one.

But today, I know better. I know that I do have a passion which is motivating me everyday, which makes me work harder everyday. It isn't something that is common for girls, it isn't something that some people would call ideal, it's even been opposed by many of my relatives and friends.

But I think somehow, even when I didn't realize it myself, my father did. He encouraged me to find out more and supported me in each and every way.

And even though my mother wasn't sure at the beginning she supported me regardless.

And now, I'm happy, happier than ever and I thank you, mom and dad for believing in me and supporting me in each phase of my life, especially when I lost hope.