Give those starting strokes with delicate touches

like shells to fill in, the emotions that twitches

then without a reason, those light blue cries

and the wishful orange's hard hard tries

Fill in a bucket full of lively green

there's even space for purple's mean

now take an overview of the scene

add sum more to everything, like a lively teen

Now take out the brushes of red of love

paint all those flowers, like they're wearing glove

add some diversity, to all the nearby too

a bunch of different ones, like they, me and you

Time to add a jump of white, like you'll never fall

that moon, those stars and the lights, let 'em shine all

Bucket full of black, to see who'll dilute

and who'll shine onto it, will not stand mute

Now you'll see a perfect picture, that's ready to be framed

the frame that can guard it well, not so it can be tamed...