This poem is a tribute to all the fellow writer wo dare to pen in a society where people are ready to make fun of you as soon as they get a chance.

keep on doing this work people, one day every one will follow.

kuch hansta likh, kuch roota likh,
kuch kal ka likh, kuch hoota likh,
bta loogo ko, tune likha hai.

kuch deke likh, kuch leke likh,
kuch kisi aur ka, kuch khud ka likh,
bta loogo ko tu bhi jga hai.

Kuch khusi me likh, kuch gam me likh,
kuch tum me likh kuch hum me likh,
kuch saanjha likh kuch alag,
bta logo ko, tujhme bhi hai wo dahak.

Likh bande likh,
aaj na padhe chahe koi.
Duniya ki aadata hai ye,
ye moti khoone ke baad hi hai roi.