It very difficult to be open for suggestions and accept them once you become or get counted in seniors. Every word said as an opinion by any one feels like an offense.

Acha tu mujhse jyaaada jaanta hai ?

Today I also got bitten by the disease of the seniority, I passed on some suggestion to one of my closest friend so that she can improve her work ( which she is already good at ) but poor me forgot that now she is not the same person who used to ask me for the help and suggestions instead she is an entirely another person who now not only justifies her salary ( which is quite a much BTW ) but also provide a good deal of turn over to the company itself. Now why she will need my suggestions that too in her professional life.

I agree I made a mistake, a big mistake but my advice was not wrong but thinking that I am advising my friend was a mistake. “ We don’t have friends in professional life I guess .”

Moral of the story, no matter how close you are, no matter how great your friendship is never giving your friend a suggestion if she/he ( defiantly sure about she, not so sure about he ) holds a senior designation because she is now senior first and you friend after that.

ye seekh bhi jaruri thi, acha hua apno me sikh gaye warna begano me ruswa hoona padta.