“The men are social animals.” said generally, but from my experience in life ( not long but important ) I think it would not be wrong to say that “society is a predator, men its prey.”

Yesterday night I witnessed an eye opening incident. which tough me that people around me do not live their life as they want but as the society demands them to live. And the worst part is they also expect me to do the same. It's hard and I don’t think it's my cup of tea.

I won’t go in the details of the incident but it created a heated up conversation between me and my dad. First time in my life responded back to him ( am not proud of that but was important ). I feel bad for that but I had no other option.

In the last few years of my life, I somehow managed to raise the thinking on my family to some extent but the community we live in ( Muslim community, one of the most backward thinkers of the world. ) is still below ground level when it comes to thinking. And when ever It comes to the question of reputation ( haven't seen once, how this is useful in my 24-year life ) or life, it's reputation for my parents.

All I want is to live my life in my way but it came out to be the most difficult thing. Because in India it's not your life. And if you are a Muslim the no. of people owns your life just doubles.

First, you have your parents as the owners of your life as they had gone through a lot of trouble to raise you.

Second, you have you nanihaal and dadihaal side comprising of chachas, maamas, buas and maasis etc and there husbands and there relatives and the list goes on.

Then, if there is some stamina left you also have a wife. No, you are getting it wrong it's not just the wife you have to take care of it's her family too you should be thinking about before doing every fucking thing in your life ( if it is still yours by now ).

Last but not the least you have your friends who will not miss even a single change to make you realize that you are doing something you don’t want to and will make fun of it at every possible moment.

After all this, if sometimes the frustration over limits and you burst you still are under a risk of being called a two faced as you pretend to be OK with things you are actually not.

You will be amazed to here that, the incident yesterday was caused because of,

“my grandfather’s, elder brother’s daughter's husband.”

See how close it is, not once in my life he or his family was of any use to us. But yet we had gone through a lot because what will he think if I do something is of prior importance.

Is this the life everyone lives here, is this the life everyone wants here. I don’t want this kind of life. I work hard for my life and I deserve to be happy but how is still a mystery.

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