To my future daughter,

You will be reading this, many years from now. I don’t know what situation you are in and how well you stood up to my expectations. Besides, I never want you to follow mine or anybody else’s footsteps. I don’t want you to be anybody more than just who you are as a person.

Right now, when I see around myself, I find women of my age diving inside a bottle of mascara or living her lavish life in the rings of diamonds. Some of them are even living on the two cups of coffee and books and not giving a damn about the world.

You are not just a human. You are a woman. A woman has soft shoulders to lend it when her loved ones need it and the toughest ones to fight when her dignity is at stake. Whenever you feel low and think about giving up on something, just remember that you have survived bleeding for more than forty-eight hours and have the power to evolve another human.

Life is mysterious, darling. You can’t survive just with a tough conscious. You need love and always remember, love is the biggest power. Love from your family or partner or friends, it can be in any form. Not all those who hold your hand will stay and not all those who watch you from a distance tend to leave.

Never let anybody tell you that you are incomplete and you need a man to fill this void. Not all men are beasts and not all men are angels. The ring finger in your hand is not just for wearing a ring. You also use it while putting a tilak on your brother’s forehead when he needs a hand of support.

Also, not all women are angels.

You are allowed to party until morning in a one-piece dress and also turn into Goddess Kali when a filthy hand dares to touch your skirt.

Remember, you are not just a human. You are a woman and that's your best attire.



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Source - Open letter by Rashi (@rashiousness) on #WomensDay