Wandering alone, inquest of solace Today I again came back to this place; It's a snowy afternoon In a snowy weather It's white, its soft ; We had come here once or twice, Holding hands, Looking into each others eyes, You promised me that you will come back ! A year passed, I'm still waiting Seasons changed, but my mind didn't, My friends left, but I didn't, For you I will always wait, On my love I have complete faith; I sat on the benches Where we used to sit, Covered with snow and grit; Solitude can be so peaceful sometimes, White snow enveloped the ground, My dotted footsteps all around; The falling snow filling up them fast As if removing traces from the past; The snow covered trees nonchalantly Waiting for you along with me, Tiny flakes squandering around Searching you before touching the ground, The winds whispered your name And muddled into a hush Filling up my years, I kept on waiting for you with my falling tears; The wicked moon, The crumbled stars, Falling like fireworks into the sea, I saw my world fall apart The day my love left me; For you I still wait, In the sun or in the rain, Love requires patience, With patience comes pain, I believe you will come back again........ -Prithwish