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True Friends

There's always that person in your life who claims to be your well-wisher but will stab you in the back as soon as you turn around. During my college days, I met many kinds of people who made different impacts on my life. Some of them would motivate me and some of them would let me down.

During my first year of college, I couldn't make many friends due to my introvert nature. Eventually I made few friends and would hang out with them often. Making friends was difficult for me and is still now but having a friend who would intentionally hurt you is worse than having no friends. I met my best friend of three years on freshers party. We hit it off quickly and started to hang out more often. I would go with her everywhere - to the classes, cafeteria, parties. It came to the point where I became very dependent on her. I didn't even realized that the person I was calling my friend was bad-mouthing me all over the college. She would tell all kinds of lies and that would start a fight between me and some of my friends. Day by day, I lost many of my good friends just because she was jealous of my friendship with others. Gradually, I lost all of my friends but her. I cried the night I learnt the truth about her and my friends who cared for me were there to support me.

I learned a valuable lesson that day - "Never depend on a person so much so that you lose your own identity". Every individual learn from their mistakes and I sure did from mine. There would be people who will always encourage and guide you to the right path and you would be very lucky to find them.

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  • Yes, that's true.

  • mistakes happen.

    all it matters is you learn from them and move on.

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